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My thoughts on weddings are fairly simple. It is to make your day the best possible one. I do this by making myself a part of your family in a completely unobtrusive way so that when all is said and done you feel like it is a friend taking your pictures and not a stranger. 


Here is a typical day with Greg.


We arrive at your venue early so as to capture the setup and you and your fiance getting ready. We photograph all the little details that make your day so special and unique. There is always a photographer with the bride, usually myself. And the groom, since he arrives later will be met by the second photographer. 


Very few of my shots are staged or posed. I instead prefer to give cues and prompts that illicit totally natural reactions. I give you something to do or think about and you will naturally do the action I am looking for creating a beautifully emotive image. Almost everything is in a photo-journalistic style. 


We capture the formals with your family making sure to pay careful attention to have all the proper groupings without taking massive amounts of time away from your guests and reception. 


The ceremony and reception are captured from as many sides and angles as the venue will allow resulting in the best action and reaction shots that you will treasure forever. 

My job during your wedding is simple. It is to show how you, your friends, and your family bring out the best in on another and capture you looking as good as you feel on your most special day. 

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