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About the Photographer

Thank you so much for visiting and taking and interest in my work.


Plain and simple, I love what I do. I have been photographing people's best days for the past 9 years and nothing makes me happier than capturing people in their best moments. My events experience can be traced back to 2003 when I began working as a DJ / Dancer for parties and events. I worked my way up to become an EmCee and have been fortunate enough to host some teriffic events. As such, I am comfortable with any group and any crowd. My affinity for languages allows me to communicate very well with crowds from all walks of life.


I am particularly fluent in Russian, English, and Spanish, and I know "photographer speak" in a few other languages. 


My team and I are completely comitted to documenting every little moment during your event. We rarely take breaks because we are afraid to miss anything, and our unlimited time provided in every package makes sure that we don't. 


Everything that comes out of my studio is of the highest quality and I take great care in making sure you get an excellent product. My albums are all custom made for each event so there are no "templates" from which I draw my designs. After each event, I personally design the album and allow you to view the proofs and make changes to it, resulting in an hassle-free and quick process that allows you to enjoy your timless images. 


Even if you decide that my work is not your style, please feel free to shoot me a message to say you stopped by the site. Even if you are not my client I will be glad to help you in any way I can on your special event. Allow me to make your day as easy and stress free as possible.




Greg Gimpelevich




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